Workshop: Außengruppe – Erinnerungsweg

Die Außengruppe haben Freya und Jochen geleitet. In der Gruppe gab es Teilnehmer aus 6 verschiedenen Ländern: Dor aus Israel, Ruben aus den Niederlanden, Jack aus Südafrika, Veronika, Agi und Gabor aus der Slowakei, Julia aus Russland und Genovaite aus Litauen.

Zuerst gab es ein schönes Spiel, wo wir uns alle vorgestellt haben und so begann unsere gemeinsame Arbeit. Zuerst hat jeder angesagt, was für ihn der Erinnerungsweg bedeutet. Wir haben unsere Gedanken gesammelt und aufgeschrieben. Alles kam so tief aus dem Herzen, denn jeder hatte diesen 6km langen Weg hinter sich.

Danach sind alle Fragen, die jeden von uns bewegten, aufgeschrieben worden. Und was uns besonders angenehm überrascht hat ist, dass wir schon am nächsten Morgen alle Quellen von Freya und Jochen bekommen hatten – so konnten wir Antworten auf unsere Fragen finden. Frau Sabine Bergmann hat sich auch zur Verfügung gestellt und einen großen Teil unserer Fragen beantwortet. Jedem stand es offen, ob er sich nochmals die Ausstellung geht, im Katalog nachschlägt oder eine Quelle in der Muttersprache liest, wie z.B. die slowakische Gruppe auf Ungarisch.

Das Ziel war, einen Schaukasten an der Rampe zu gestalten. Und es hat so gut funktioniert, dass man im Laufe des Abends und des nächsten Vormittags alle Zeichnungen, Aussagen der Teilnehmer und Zitate fertig hatte. Der Schaukasten ist nun fertig und man kann ihn an der Rampe anschauen.

Die gemeinsame Arbeit hat in Allem echt viel Spaß gemacht und all die gemeinsamen Stunden werden in unseren Herzen bleiben.


Outsidegroup2 Outsidegroup3 Outsidegroup1

Workshop: Outside Group – Path of Remembrance

Our outside group has been conducted by Freya and Jochen. We hat participants from 6 different countries in our group: Dor from Israel, Ruben from the Netherlands, Jack from South Africa, Veronika, Agi and Gabor from Slovakia, Julia from Russia and Genovaite from Lithuania.

First we played a nice game, in which we all introduced ourselves to each other. Then everybody said what the path of remembrance means to her or him, we collected our thoughts and wrote everything down. Everything came deep from the heart, because each of us walked that 6 km long path from the ramp to the entrance of the former concentration camp.

As a next step we wrote down all our questions. We were deeply moved, when we got the documents for continuing our research already on the next morning. So we could start looking for answers to our questions, also with the help of Ms. Sabine Bergmann, who also took the time for us and was answering a big amount of our questions. Everybody had the choice to go to the exhibition again, to look something up in the catalogue or whether he or she reads something in her/his mother tongue, just like the Slovakian delegation was reading something in Hungarian.

It was our goal to arrange the show case on the ramp anew. During the evening and the next morning session, we had been working very intensively so that we had finished our drawings, quotations and statements of the participants quite early. That’s why we already could equip the show case so that everybody already can look at it at the ramp.

All in all, working together was lots of fun. Those hours will stay in our hearts forever.




Yvonne Koch – Voices to an Eyewitness-Talk

(Eine deutsche Version ist z.Zt. leider nicht verfügbar)

Yvonne is indeed a powerful woman to have overcome all this and and what it came with, only a few people are strong. I for one believe that the first step of becoming a great/better person is to acknowledge your root and where you come from and than to forgive the past because it’s gone and never come back. Sharing your past with people or persons actually helps one to be free in spirit. Long live the spirit and compassion of Yvonne. A great woman.

– Xolani Mbuyiseni Mbangi


This talk was so harsh for me because it was not so easy

to imagine what she had to deal with. After this conversation

I asked myself if I would be able to manage with a similar

situation when I get into that, I promise that I will try my best.

Yvonne has to be a very strong woman, if she being a 10 years old girl,

Could survive in that situation.

– Julia


It was such a horrible thing and she had to go through it at a very young age. How did she manage all this on her own? Mrs. Koch you are such a brave woman amongst women.

– Thuto Mabilo 


People are very often different.

But it doesn’t mean that everybody should be equal.

Everything what happens in that place is humiliation of humanity.

– Unknown

Our values

In small groups we discussed our values and what is important to us to share with others in the youth camp. Each group wrote down one important keyword in different languages and together we formed a wonderful puzzle.


What we found fundamental for our being together in the youth camp is:

Unity, diversity, respect, freedom, perspective, music, friendship, happiness and peace




Night of Nations

Where are we coming from? What is typical of our countries? Of course we were all curious to get to know more about each other. So at the very beginning we met for the so called “night of the Nations”.


In mixed groups we introduced all our nations with their typical songs and dances, we poked fun at well-known stereotypes and laughed a lot.


Der Länderabend

Woher kommen wir? Was ist typisch für unsere Heimatländer? Natürlich waren wir alle neugierig darauf, mehr voneinander zu erfahren. Deshalb trafen wir uns ganz zu Beginn zum sogenannten „Länderabend“.


In gemischten Gruppen haben wir uns unsere Länder gegenseitig vorgestellt: mit typischen Ländern und Tänzen, wir haben weit verbreitete Stereotypen auf die Schippe genommen und dabei viel gelacht.